A spot of sunlight

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To be free is to be an eagle soaring through the clouds, To be free is to be unchallenged and respected, To be free is to be a tumbleweed rolling across the desert, To be free is to be a honored guest anywhere, To be free is to have no home but to roam...


When the rain pours down it is like a forbidden religion, When you hear the ratta-tat-tat of the rain drumming against your window, You wish you were out in it, jumping, running, and laughing, For when it rains, life is just around the corner.


Trees. Flowers. Mountains. Bend in road. Clamoring. Horses and men coming. Weapons and armour. Sweat. Recognition. Hatred. Fear. Fleeing. They follow. Off the path. Between the cedars. She trips. She cries out. Look back. Anguish. Dismounting horses....